Is there a debate about climate change?

Climate change skeptics try to deny it’s real or is caused by humans by claiming there’s a scientific debate. In fact, there’s no real debate. The photos below are real climate scientists. The 98 on the left represent the whopping 98% who say it’s real and man-made. The 2 on the right represent the tiny number of skeptics. Finding 98% who agree on any topic is almost impossible. Usually at least 10% are irrational or choose their position for monetary gain. Visit our Experiment page to experience how long it takes to even find 2 dissenting views in a room where 98 agree.

Do you believe 98% of experts or only 2%?

Mouse over the photos to see scientists. Click them to visit their profile pages with their details.

98% of experts say climate change
is real and caused by humans

2% say they’re skeptical it’s real
or is caused by humans